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Praying the Psalms – Psalm 12: Words

The Psalms is a book of prayers. It covers a wide range of human emotions and can be a catalyst for when you don’t know what to say to God! Join me as I pray through the Psalms. I would love for you to add your prayers and prayer requests in the comments, and I will pray for you right here on the blog.

Psalm 12 (Original text, NIV)

“Help, Lord, for the godly are no more; the faithful have vanished from among men.

Everyone lies to his neighbor; their flattering lips speak with deception.

May the Lord cut off all flattering lips and every boastful tongue that says, ‘We will triumph with our tongues; we own our lips – who is our master?’

‘Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise,’ says the Lord. ‘I will protect them from those who malign them.’

And the words of the Lord are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times.

O Lord, you will keep us safe and protect us from such people forever.

The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.”

A prayer inspired by Psalm 12:

God, in my life, I have sometimes felt so alone. In dark places, where I was the only one who loved you. The only one who followed you.

It’s difficult to hold fast. To resist the temptations to just join in. Even in small ways, like insincerity. Flattering others, to better my own position. Boasting. Or dominating others – trying to climb over them.

Because the ones who talk (or write?) the fastest and the most get noticed the fastest and gain the most. We wave our flags and wag our tongues and claim that freedom of speech is a human right while shoving down the views we don’t like. That’s the way of the world. The way of business, the way of success.

But it’s not your way.

I imagine you shaking your head when we do this. Watching the quiet ones. The ones we climb over and push down, for the sake of our own gain.

Forgive us, Lord. This way is wrong.

Let us not be the ones to malign others anymore. Help us, instead, to listen. To consider. To thoughtfully respond.

And if we are the ones who are left behind, ignored, or shut down, help us to not despair. Because what really matters is that our hearts are right with you. That we continue to submit to you – our thoughts, our ways, our words.

Because you are always listening, though the rest of the world may not be. Thank you, Lord, for being a God who hears our words, and even, our quietest thoughts. Even the things we’re barely aware of ourselves. You are good.

And your words, unlike ours, are purest gold. May we have nothing to say, nothing to write, unless it is blessed and enabled by you.

May we not join in with the majority, enamored by their success and the things they have on this earth.

We love you, Lord.


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As mentioned earlier, please feel free to add your prayers and prayer requests in the comments. I would love to pray with and for you. May you be blessed today!

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Hi, I'm Lisa, a born-and-bred-in-Manitoba mom of 2 boys. Having lived in 7 different Manitoba towns or cities, I've managed to stay warm in them all ūüėú‚ĚĄ. I am trained as a music therapist but currently work as a fulltime stay-at-home-mom by day, and a piano teacher in the evenings. By night, well...I sleep. Usually.

8 thoughts on “Praying the Psalms – Psalm 12: Words

  1. The verse may the words on my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight was my verse to pray on Wednesday. What I found so beautiful was the other possible meanings of the Hebrew Words. Look at what it could also mean:

    May the chastisement of my counsel and the resounding music of my will/mind/inner man be acceptable before Your face.

    And that resounding music comes from a Word meaning growl as in:

    For thus the Lord said to me,
    (A)“As a lion or a young lion growls over his prey,
        and when a band of shepherds is called out against him
    he is not terrified by their shouting
        or daunted at their noise,
    (B)so the Lord of hosts will come down
        to fight[a] on Mount Zion and on its hill.

    Isn’t that SO precious?! It shows the beauty of who He is: both the chastisement and rebuke (growl) on our lips resisting the devil and his accusing lips, and the resounding music rising from our hearts in praise of our God.

    I went to bed suddenly remembering this song from my childhood that same Wednesday:

    Graham Kendrick’s: Jesus Put This Song Into Our Hearts

    He brings that harmony in what seems to be a disconnect and division – He brings together iron sharpening iron and smelts us One – not giving up the one truth for the other, but drawing us into a wholeness, only He can bring, as He lifts away the accusations to reveal His weaving in our midst of each vital truth as part of that whole picture.

    Yes: the noise can be deafening (which is why I left all social media except blogging a long time ago – and have also obeyed God’s call to leave my blogging for longer periods of rest to seek His face alone). Praise God we have a God who defends His pure Voice in us – even if it may seem like the squeak of a Mouse at times and also like it’s been completely suffocated at times, our God in us cannot be silenced. He will ever avenge His elect.

    Keep being His Voice and His Word. Your prayer on Wednesday broke my heart, but was such a gift to draw me into pouring out my heart afresh in prayer. God sees both our aching hearts (His heart of love in us) and the beauty of His justice and compassion He’s given us to share boldly as that growl – that He might bring it all together into a song of wholeness and harmony rising to defend each one of His children.

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    1. My goodness, Anna, you leave the most amazing comments! I scarcely have the ‘words’ to respond! Yes…I felt the Lord calling me to leave social media some time ago. And have done the same with blogging as well, from time to time. It is wonderful to think of this as God defending His voice within us. What a loving thing for Him to do! And what a discovery you made regarding the dual meaning of ‘words’ – resounding music, and also a ‘growl’ of resistance or God’s defending us! You have given me a lot to chew on, Anna.


      1. Oh yes you do have the words! He’s pouring out of you too!! Yes and Amen: so so loving! He has had me repeatedly completely delete blogs and start over after periods of rest. It was so painful each time, but He knew what He was doing. His discipline reaped fruit every time, opening my eyes and so blessing my heart and life. He is so good, so patient and faithful to His Word.

        This song is so blessing my heart right now:

        Brooke is a kiwi (have you ever heard her personal testimony of how she came to faith? Powerful!) and often has me weeping as I see God giving me a piece of home in her voice: she still has her thick kiwi accent when she shares the Gospel.

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