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Speak Life

As I write this, my sons are battling it out laser-style in our dark basement. It’s just past 7:30 pm, and we’re hoping to see some of the northern lights before settling in for a slightly later-than-usual bedtime. The telescope is set up and ready to go. I honestly don’t think it will help much, but it’s fun to play around with anyway.

High hopes.

The weather? Cold, then snowy, then snowy again, and then even colder. The past few weeks, it has felt like there were more school cancellations due to weather than actual days of school. And that’s about all of the recap I will give you because I have officially reached the point of winter where I stop paying attention. Minus 30-ish, all the time, and that about sums it up. I’ve resigned myself to grit my teeth and wait for spring.

My husband, tunneling his way to somewhere warmer.

And on this cold evening, waiting for the northern lights to appear, my son decided to put on some TobyMac. Suddenly, I had a thought.

“Ooh!” I called to him from the kitchen, where I was cleaning up after supper. “You should play ‘Elements.'” What song would be more befitting of our arctic-like surroundings?

“That’s just what I’m doing!” he replied.

But as I sauntered over to the living room to watch part of the music video and listen to the song, I found myself getting choked up. The words were more relevant than I wanted them to be.

“…This world, is up in my grill

This world, is shooting to kill

This world always gotta be stealing my heart

This world always tryin’ to rip my family apart…”

“…This ain’t our home, nah, not even close

They camouflage like we’re fighting some ghost

You start to doubt everything that you know

I feel the heat and it’s starting to show

They try to break us, break us, make us wanna give in

Lay down our arms, Novocain us again

Lay down a fight, I could never relent

And I’ma take it all the way to the end…”

“…And I’ma go down swinging, if I go down

I’ma go down swinging, if I go down

I’ma go down swinging, if I go down

I’ma go down swinging, if I go down

Let’s go…”

“The Elements” by TobyMac

I went into my bedroom, under the guise of trying to spot the lights from another window. I haven’t cried in a while, but a few tears squeaked out as I peered at the sky.

I’ve been keeping it together, mostly. Watching the news attentively, praying myself to sleep at night. Grappling for ideas of what to do with my rambunctious children when it’s cold, I’m tired, there’s no school, and we’re not allowed in any recreational environments.

May as well enjoy it!

I’ve felt gratitude that finally, FINALLY there were people in my country willing to make a stand. But my hopes crashed pretty quick when I realized my Prime Minister had no intention whatsoever of even engaging them in a conversation. My heart was stabbed when he painted them all with the same “tinfoil-hat” wearing brush. My feelings were enraged when he, of all people, told me from the screen of my phone to “do what’s right.”

I was disappointed – not surprised – by the biased media reports. The villainization of anyone whose thoughts differ from the dominant political narrative.

It’s old. It’s all old news to the point where I can hardly stand to hear about it anymore. We know what the reporters will say before they say it. We know who they will belittle in their articles. We know who they will undermine. We know when they will use diminutive taglines and quotation marks. Or, even outright insults and mistruths.

And in the midst of this, the feds are introducing an anti-hate bill that will seek to protect ethnic, religious, or other groups of people from hate speech, including online.

Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, it depends what you characterize as hate speech. Is my blog hate speech? Because I don’t agree with Mr. Trudeau?

The main reason I left Facebook was due to the mockery, disdain, and outright hatred that I often read directed towards my God, my heritage, and my faith. My church, at the moment, is bearing up under a steady stream of online abuse and slander.

Will those qualify as hate speech? Or are those things ok, because they’re directed at Christians?

I’m only basing this on my thirty-some years of life. But these elements…they feel intense.

Storm’s a-brewin’.

A few songs after playing “The Elements,” my son put on another TobyMac favorite – “Speak Life.”

Again, my eyes teared up a little. In the video, protesters are seen, shouting at a person until he is defeated. Then a child whispers something life-giving in his ear, and he stands up again.

This depiction, like the last video, was all too fitting. Because that’s the way to do this, isn’t it? Yes, we engage. We stand firm. But as we do so, we speak life. We use our words for good, and not to harm.

May the Lord give us strength and wisdom, to stand when it’s time to stand. May He protect us, and fill us with life-giving words. May He, and not the media, Bill C-36, or politicians, be the One to muzzle our tongues.

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16 NIV

Featured image by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels



Hi, I'm Lisa, a born-and-bred-in-Manitoba mom of 2 boys. Having lived in 7 different Manitoba towns or cities, I've managed to stay warm in them all 😜❄. I am trained as a music therapist but currently work as a fulltime stay-at-home-mom by day, and a piano teacher in the evenings. By night, well...I sleep. Usually.

24 thoughts on “Speak Life

  1. I am not sure what is going on in your part of the world (lockdown?) right now, but it sounds like life is really tough. I am so sorry. Amen to speaking life.

    Good idea getting off social media. There’s no point engaging and just adding fuel to the fire. That’s why I also separated myself from all contact with legalistic (Christian) groups that triggered trauma in me. I could stay and fight for them to see what they’re doing is causing such awful harm (which they cannot see), but perhaps the best resistance is living out the truth ourselves and praying, as God leads us for those who do not see the harm they are doing. Praise God that He knows what is best for each one of us and continually sets us apart unto Himself that we might abide in His love and compassion for us and for others.

    It so reminds me of this verse:

    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

    And if we are constantly triggered, our eyes so easily turn toward people as our enemy, rather than praying for those in authority (pastors and prime ministers/presidents) who so need our prayers for mercy, wisdom and discernment.

    I no longer watch the news (haven’t in years), I am not on social media (other than my blog) and only read the news online. And even without these triggers, I so need God to continually turn my eyes back to Him.

    My Dad and I recently talked about all the operations having to be canceled (for heart and cancer patients) in the part of Germany, where he lives, because of all the unvaccinated people (90%+) lying in the ICUs. We couldn’t understand why church leaders aren’t stepping up to encourage their members to vaccinate (as the Christian community has done in the past- even being the first in line to offer their bodies up to try out the first experimental vaccines for influenza). But as we chatted, I found God convicting my heart, and encouraging me to pray, rather than point the finger.

    Oh how we need the Holy Spirit’s leading so much to love, forgive and speak life. May God strengthen us both to stand firm in Him, ever leading us to lay our burdens at His feet that He might arise in us to love tremendously and to forgive fearlessly.

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    1. Yes. Amen. In my country, there are many protests going on right now. At these protests, some people have not behaved well and now the overall message is being lost and the PM will not give ear to legitimate concerns. It feels like we have no voice. But you are right, we need to be led by the Holy Spirit, not our own flesh.

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      1. Feeling like you have no voice is awful. I have been in that place before: hugs! But praise God we have the Voice of God always arising in us and He is so mighty to save (us and others). Those tears you shed with the songs were so good! Tears are healing: releasing the anger & control and leading us into prayer….God is so good, isn’t He?! Always knows just what we need.

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      2. BTW this quote is really blessing me in my fleshly struggle and encourages me to slow and sow unto the Spirit:

        “To love righteousness is to make it grow, not to avenge it . . . Throughout His life on earth, He resisted every impulse to work more rapidly for a lower good.” —GEORGE MACDONALD (1824–1905)

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      3. Always. Amen: He must increase, but I must decrease (John 3:30). BTW noticing that answered prayer I prayed in your comment section, made me go over my prayer journal prayers. SO precious seeing so many answers to prayer in these last few days. In that cleansing of our sin, the prayers we pray avail much. 😊 God is good.

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  2. Oh no! I suppose there’s only so many snowmen one can build and only so many snowballs they can throw at each other. I read a book recently that said that it is good to be bored. This psychologist said that boredom sparks creativity. So I’m looking forward to hearing about more of your amazing adventures that have been born out of this snowed-in season. Keep warm!

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  3. Lisa, I hope you can take courage to know that the stand being taken in Canada is leaking beyond the borders of your country and giving courage to many around the globe. Even though mainstream media is trying to focus on a few bad actors, many, many people see the truth of a peaceful protest. Don’t get discouraged. Even though Mr. Trudeau doesn’t hear (won’t listen), God hears … He knows the hearts of the people … knows their concerns. He remains the one true authority and no matter how much leaders and media try to distort a matter, they don’t have the final say. It’s times like these that rock people’s lives and cause many individuals to look for truth and ultimately for God. The devil is certainly out of sorts, so none of us should be surprised at the increasing spiritual warfare.

    I keep going back to David versus Goliath. We keep our eyes on Jesus and the giants will fall. The results may not be what we originally pictured but we can trust that God will have His way, and He always loves us in the processes.

    Keep praying, Friend. That is the greatest “assignment” any of us can have right now. 💕

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    1. Wow, Shelly, thank you for the encouraging words. Yes, this has made me realize that even when we feel so alone we really aren’t. That, in itself, is a comfort. But the voices of accusation hurled back can really shake a person and make you question yourself and everything you stand for. When I go back to Jesus, He helps me stay focused on what’s important and not become sidetracked by all the voices and distractions. And you’re right, it’s not up to Mr. Trudeau or anyone else. God has the final say in all matters.

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  4. Hi, greetings from New Zealand.
    Take heart that the truckers protest is been noticed around the world, and has had an effect in Canada itself.
    1) Quebec has dropped the tax of the unvaccinated
    2) Saskatchewan is pledging to scrap V passports by Feb. 28
    3) O’Toole has been voted out as Conservative leader
    4)Alberta are going to scrap V passports

    New zealand is having it’s own truckers protest today

    I get the impression that your media is highly biased and just pushes the Government narrative all the time. We have a similar situation here in NZ, where the Government simply brought off the media for $55 million in ‘grants’ with conditions attached.

    For peace of mind, just turn the TV off and watch netflix or something else instead.

    I find that it’s better to get news about your own country from International sources, BTW

    You can also take heart that the UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have all pretty much dropped all the covid restrictions.

    For entertainment for the kids, we have got together with other families in our situation, and have a weekly get together. We typically have a BBQ and a soccer game on an empty field somewhere. It also helps the kids immensely with their social skills

    God Bless

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  5. I am sending you the biggest hug ever, all the way from Arizona. I hope it comes with a little warmth and sunshine too. I so needed to read this right now. In all the years I have been blogging I never thought I would want to stop blogging but this Sunday I did. I never joined Facebook.

    One of my long time followers from Canada was triggered by one of my posts where I expressed my support for the Canadian truckers. She sees things a different way and even went so far as to make this about America, and writing that there were American flags and DJT (former president 45) everywhere. I never even brought up those things. I just wanted all you Canadians to know the world loves you and thanks you. I am so sorry for what is happening, we too have some messed up things happening here in my country too.

    Our media is blocking this news but we do get videos here and there from social media where the truckers are speaking. I see truckers crying talking about their children and what will their lives be like.Truckers are feeding homeless, picking up trash, and being polite and kind. I know they are honking too but this is a protest after all. We had protest here in our country where they physically hurt people and were violent with burning down buildings and some members from our own government bailed the extreme protestors out of jail. But anyone who protest against not having their freedoms is treated differently and cruelly.

    Not sure if this is true but from live footage I am now seeing that they are taking gas and food away from truckers and some have brought their children with them for this peaceful protest. They say they are being targeted now and the politicians want to freeze and starve them out.

    I too wonder what Jesus would say about all this and how he would react to so much hate. He is about love after all. I am praying for my Canadian neighbors over there. The whole world is watching and praying too.

    Sorry such a long comment. One more thing, A comedian was here in our city a few days ago at an event where only the vacinated can attend. She stood up and said this joke…
    ” I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted…and flu shot and shingle shot and haven’t gotten Covid and Jesus loves me most.”
    Then she collapsed and hit her head on the floor right after that was sad. They rushed her to the hospital and she is okay. She said she just felt dizzy all of a sudden and fainted which she added had never happened to her before. Everyone at the comedy event thought she fainted as a joke to the words she spoke right before.

    Yeah, I wonder what Jesus would say during these times. We need to love all our neighbors, vaxxed and unvaxxed. They want us all to turn on each other that’s for sure. I will keep you in my prayers. Oh, and the comedians name was Heather McDonald.

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    1. Thank you so much for the warmth, prayers, and support! I’m sorry about your follower being triggered. That’s always one of my fears, although it hasn’t happened to me yet. The last thing I want to do is create controversy but sometimes it just happens. I will have to go and look for the post you mentioned. Yes, I too have heard of other protests where people behaved far worse and yet were treated far better. It can be so angering, but the best thing I can do is just pray. From what I have seen the vast majority of truckers have been very peaceful. They are not generally a violent bunch. My husband is a trucker now. I so appreciate their courage because we desperately needed someone to stand up to our government’s bullying. I think I will need to pray for them more, for God to protect them. What an interesting story about that comedian. We certainly know that God is able to step in at any moment. Yes, we need to love and respect each other, I 100% agree. I have several friends and family members who are vaxxed while I haven’t yet and it has not come between us. I thank the Lord for that. All the best to you and I thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness all the way from Arizona. ,♥️


  6. Thank you and tell your husband the world supports him too. I took that post down because it triggered a long time follower of mine but then she was an American at one time and became a Canadian because she does not really have any love for her birth country. I don’t know what happened to her here in America but this is not the first time something terrible has happened in the world (as she sees it) and she goes right to this is all America’s fault…which hurts, especially if you are American and hear this. We do have some pretty corrupt people here that have harmed many. American families are not “those people” though. It’s frightening how easy it is to make one country hate another just based off of what they are being told through their government run news. That is how wars are started and I am with you there with praying. Praying for the whole world right now, I can feel the tension.
    I should have never taken down that post, that is how all this mess continues. Some quote out there about silence from good men and how it keeps terrible things happening. All I was doing was showing my support for all Canadians and especially for the truckers. I will have to go back and repost something else to replace the one I erased. All those truckers and their families are out there in the freezing temps and here I am afraid of offending people…what was I thinking. I have so many questions as I know thousands out there in the world do.
    Just wanted to let you know that there are lots of people who are starting to see things in a different way and truths are coming out more and more as God has intended, the truth sets us all free. Stay safe and God bless you all.

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  7. We are watching the truckers down here and cheering them on. I am shocked and horrified over the lies coming from your PM. He is literally making things up and sounds like a dictator. I would never visit your country solely because of him. They called our previous president a dictator but he did not do the things your PM gas and did not declare war on every day people. He still could be a jerk at times, don’t get me wrong, but Trudeau takes the cake. He’s the classic villain of a really bad made-for-tv movie at this point.

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    1. And all the while smiling sweetly for the camera. That smile gives me shudders. I pray for him because he is a person just like anyone else. I wonder if he could ever be humble enough to listen. 😭 If not, we do have some politicians who are now standing up to him. We really need to get someone else in charge. Thank you for cheering the truckers on. This hasn’t been easy for them, that’s for sure. But they are determined 💪

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